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The Spitfire Tour is a free speech tour of musicians, actors & activists speaking out on global affairs. Created in part by human rights advocate Zack De la Rocha (Rage Against The Machine), Spitfire tours to college campuses each year, primarily in the Fall. Each event features at least four speakers, who are all on stage at once, but that speak one at a time. Topics range from human rights, to environmental justice, to social issues, to current campus issues. It is our belief that grassroots interaction is the key to positive change. By providing information on serious topics in a fun and entertaining environment (which includes spoken word, acoustic performances, slides, video, poetry and more), we aim to inspire youth to get involved in their lives, their communities & in their world.

Spitfire was launched in 1998 by some dedicated people who cared enough to give this a shot. Our thanks go out to early believers Krist Novoselic, Amy Ray, Woody Harrelson, Tracey Conaty, Cecilia Rodriguez, Jello Biafra, Todd McCormick, Michael Franti, Julia Butterfly & Kennedy. Since then, a lot has happened. We have appeared at more than 50 colleges/cities, and we have performed for as few as 100 people, and as many as 10,000 in one single night. From the very first show, it's been a pretty powerful journey.

Along the way we have been a part of some tremendous victories - like the day Julia Butterfly saved the old growth called Luna, and finally touched ground after 2 years. But we have also witnessed some terrible losses, like when we saw the Federal Government put cancer patient Todd McCormick in prison, for growing medical marijuana, legal in his home state of California. We also made some special appearances off campuses. We performed at Woodstock and were saddened by our experience. But then we traveled to the WTO, and were empowered by the majority of peaceful people, who traveled from all over the country to take a stand. It's been a rollercoaster ride, but it's been well worth it.

Over the years, The Spitfire Tour has grown into The Spitfire Agency, and now we run a series of 'spin off' tours modeled around the original Spitfire concept above.  Our first offshoots include Woody Harrelson's "Simple Organic Living Tour" (Spring 2001), The Indigo Girls "Honor The Earth Tour" (Spring 2003), and Julia Butterfly's "We The Planet" (Fall 2003). The original Spitfire Tour will continue to go out between the others. Please join our e-mail list, and we will keep you up to date. We welcome your Feedback, and look forward to seeing you on the road!

Adam Werbach
The Thin Green Line

Amy Ray
Indigo Girls
Human Rights
Andy Dick

Drug Abuse
Angelo Moore
Musician/ Fishbone
Art Alexakis

Deadbeat Dads
Cecilia Rodriguez

Soul Coughing
Free speech

Dr. Drew
Info Technology and Sexuality
Exene Cervenka

Society's Toll on Mental Health
Howard Lyman
Agricultural Reform
Ice T

Ingrid Newkirk

Animal Rights
  Irene Mcgee
Former Real World Seattle Housemate
Media Manipulation
  Jello Biafra
Dead Kennedy's
Alternatives to Corporate Power
John Trudell
Poet/ Native American Leader
Jill Sobule
Social Commentary

Julia "Butterfly" Hill

Kenneth Cole
Social Activism

Personal Responsibility

Krist Novoselic

Lydia Lunch
Confrontational artist

Michael Franti
Mickey Hart
Grateful Dead
The Environment
Perry Farrell

Janes Addiction
Ralph Nader

Green Party
The Public Interest
Rosie Perez

AIDS Education
Todd McCormick
Medical Marijuana
Tom Tomorrow

Satirical Cartoonist
Politics & Social Issues
Tracey Conaty

Gay Rights
Winona LaDuke

Author, Activist
Native Struggles for Land and Living
Woody Harrelson

Environment & Associated Issues